Your Horse’s Health Is Our Passion! All Disciplines and All Sizes of Equids.

Equine Dentistry offered by a licensed and insured Veterinarian which is required by the State of California Veterinary Medical Board.

Let’s look at what I offer…

Routine Dentistry (tailored for each individual horse as needed):


  • On-site veterinarian with proper equipment for equine dentistry
  • Brief physical exam
  • Proper IV sedation
  • Complete visual oral exam
  • Full documentation and written report of your horses condition (i.e. Dental Chart)
  • Sharp buccal and lingual points floated
  • Occlusal adjustment
  • Rostral Hook correction
  • Wave complex correction/reduction
  • Rostral ramp correction
  • Caudal ramp correction
  • Arcade angle correction/ Molar Table Alignment
  • Canine evaluation
  • Incisor Correction/Realignment
  • Diet evaluation

Advanced Dentistry (if applies):

  • Odontoplasty Staging
  • Periodontal /Tarter debridement
  • Extractions
  • Restoration
  • Dental and oral surgery with blocks
  • Radiographs  

Sheath cleaning is also available while your horse is sedated.

Our Advanced Dentistry Service:

Evaluated case by case depending on your horses needs and quoted at that time.

And above all the benefit of my lifetime experience of horsemanship and 10 plus years doing extensive, advanced dentistry will help ensure a favorable outcome for our patients. Our work is of the highest quality and our prices very reasonable.